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The gift that keeps on growing 

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On the last day in January, we swapped the comfort of Bowline HQ for a sunny day in the Wiltshire countryside to plant fifty trees with Avon Needs Trees at Pudding Brook Wood.  

Pudding Brook Wood, was planted in the winter of 2021 and 2022 with the help of over 500 volunteers. In fifty years, it will be a flourishing and healthy young woodland, providing essential ecosystem services through locking up carbon and facilitating local nature recovery.  See what we got up to in the film below! 

Natural fit with our vision 

“Working with people we love on projects that influence change” is our vision at Bowline and is at the core of everything we do, so to do something practical like tree planting was a natural fit for the team.  

It also seemed apt that we planted trees on a day that the government announced the Environmental Improvement Plan and their ambition to ensure that “everyone in England lives within a 15-minute walk of woodlands, wetlands, parks and rivers.” 

The gift that keeps on growing 

We also used the tree planting opportunity to acknowledge our key clients – planting individual trees in their name.  

We had a wonderful day working with Avon Needs Trees and the team were thrilled to be making a difference for future generations, creating a beautiful habitat for local wildlife as well as a place for people to enjoy.  

Why not do your bit for the local area and if you’re local – check out Avon Needs Trees for further volunteer opportunities.  

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