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We are a culture and communications agency. Here’s why.

When we started Bowline, we noticed a disconnect in how many organisations approached culture and communication. HR teams and consultants typically did culture, while corporate and brand departments and agencies generally did communications.

Bowline team and magic
Bowline team and magic

But, we thought, surely culture and communication can’t be separated.

Communication disconnected from an organisation’s culture is inauthentic, while culture without communication is fragile.

We had a background in both sides of this. So why didn’t we do both and see what impact it has? It turned out that reconnecting culture and communication generated real change.

Today we work with the likes of BNP Paribas, Shell, Maersk, fast-growing SMEs, UK local government, and charities like International Animal Rescue. Our clients are people we love, and the projects we work on are ones that drive positive change.

Our team are a mix of cultural change and communications specialists, talented creatives, coaches and facilitators. We blend behavioural psychology with creativity to change things for the better.

Ultimately, we believe that what’s on the inside deeply affects what’s on the outside. Culture and communication must be aligned. That’s why we believe in the power of value-driven businesses.

Our own values are guides to how we interact and behave, as individuals and as a team.

They are distinctively Bowline.

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Overcomplication gets in the way of clarity. Simplicity is hard but vital. We seek it in everything we do, and speak plainly and honestly.


The spark between people makes a team more than the sum of its parts. We bring together the right people to deliver exceptional results, and always work inclusively with our clients.


We go the extra mile because we love what we do. Our energy comes from the commitment we all have to making a positive impact.