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insights discovery

A psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung. A simple and memorable model that creates lasting self-awareness, builds stronger relationships, and drives business performance.

Why use Insights Discovery?

The Insights Discovery model is central to personal and team development and is the basis from which we begin many great conversations as part of individual coaching sessions, team effectiveness workshops or management development programmes.

The model is based around your unique blend of four colour energies which identify your behavioural preferences. It provides teams and organisations with a common language from which to recognise how we show up and impact on each other.

By recognising and adapting to different behavioural preferences, team dynamics can be explored and transformed into higher trusting and more productive working relationships, enabling teams to perform at a higher level.

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The Insights Discovery Profile

The journey starts with the ‘Insights Discovery Personal Profile’ that gives individuals an engaging and transformational insight into themselves and others.

All profiles include the Foundation chapter and can be complemented with additional chapters depending on your needs:



At the core of the profile sits the Foundation Chapter which includes:

  • Overview of personal style
  • Key strengths & weaknesses
  • Value to the team
  • Communication styles
  • Possible blind spots
  • Adapting with your opposite type
  • Suggestions for development

The Foundation chapter also includes an insightful visual representation of how you preference each of the four colour energies and where you sit on the Insights Team Wheel.

personal achievement

Personal Achievement

This chapter sheds light on factors that contribute to us living our lives with a greater sense of purpose. It fits well with programmes concerning well-being and resilience, and can be useful in a one-to-one coaching programme.
The chapter includes:

  • Living on purpose
  • Time and life management
  • Personal creativity
  • Lifelong learning
  • Learning style
effective selling

Effective Selling

This chapter is an ideal component for a sales or influencing development programme and an excellent coaching tool for sales managers to use with their team members. The chapter explores:

  • Before the sale begins
  • Identifying needs
  • Proposing, handling buyer resistance
  • Gaining commitment
  • Follow-up and follow-through
  • Sales preference indicators.


The Management chapter is the ideal companion to the Foundation chapter for those who want to increase their understanding of how they manage others and how they might prefer to be managed. It explores:

  • Ideal working environment
  • Individual needs in how to be managed
  • Motivational style
  • Management style

The Insights Team Wheel

Once a team has received an Insights Discovery Profile, a “Team Wheel” can be created enabling the team to discover:

  • Similarities and differences in preference – identify possible challenges and tension between individual team members.
  • Discover how to adapt and connect to those of an opposite type.
  • Strengths and possible weaknesses – where are we strong? what could we be doing more of? what could we be doing less of?
  • Culture – how are our behaviours representing the team culture?
  • How might we impact on others as individuals and as a team?

Take a look at the spread of colour energies within the Team here at Bowline. Following our discovery workshop, we are more aware of each other’s preferences, our collective strengths, communication styles and where we need to dial up and dial down our colour energy mix when collaborating on projects.

View our Insights Discovery Profiles

The Transformational Leadership Profile

This Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership Profile explores how your leadership capabilities are impacted by your preferences. This profile is ideal for increasing self awareness of your leadership shadow, for leadership coaching and the basis of leadership development programmes.

It enables you to examine how your unique Insights Discovery colour energy mix creates both strengths and challenges in your approach to leadership.

The Insights Transformational Leadership model comprises eight dimensions of leadership.

Delivering Results – Honouring commitments and exceeding expectations.

Leading Change – Initiating and directing transformation

Creating a Compelling Vision – Determining a winning direction

Communicating with Impact – Inspiring and influencing with emotional awareness

Fostering Teamwork – Collaborating to build effective relationships

Facilitating Development – Nurturing the growth of self and others

Leading from Within – Raising self-awareness and living your values

Agile Thinking – Engaging different thinking modes

The Transformational Leadership profile provides a structured and detailed overview of how you lead self, team and the organisation, highlights strengths, challenges and provides recommendations for personal development.