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Cultural Change

If there’s one secret to success in business, it’s creating a positive culture where everyone feels connected, motivated, valued and recognised.
Bowline Cultural change
What we do

A great culture where people work brilliantly together doesn’t just happen by chance.

Organisational culture is:

  • Made up of shared values
  • Beliefs and assumptions about how people should behave
  • How decisions are made
  • How activities are carried out
cultural change
cultural change

We begin by lifting the lid on the true workings of your organisation.

We’ll speak to employees to better understand what the look and feel of working in your business is really like.

What we uncover might include a lack of a voice for employees, leadership behaviours that don’t align with your organisational values, poor line management or a disconnected strategic narrative. Whatever the challenge, these open and honest conversations allow us to hold up the mirror and begin to develop solutions together.

Solutions include:

  • Internal communication and engagement programmes
  • Refreshed or new organisational values and behaviours
  • Employee feedback and recognition initiatives
  • Team effectiveness workshops
  • Facilitation of development programmes
Significant cultural change will only be achieved when leaders consistently role model the desired behaviours
- Tim Jeary
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