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Successful teams are like rainforests:
their diversity is their strength.
What we do

A high performing team is not simply a collection of highly effective individuals. It’s how the team works together and communicates that makes the difference.

But not all teams have the same challenges. We design and facilitate workshops to meet the specific needs of your team. Our team effectiveness workshops focus on the underlying factors that create the environment in which a team can become high performing – factors such as being results driven, having a shared purpose, high levels of collaboration and trust, clear working methods and measurements.

Bowline is proud to be a partner of Insights Discovery. A simple and memorable model that creates lasting self-awareness, builds stronger relationships, and drives business performance.

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team development
team development

Development for managers

Leaders play a vital role not only in their own teams but to the entire work culture. The day-to-day management relationship can make or break this culture. Yet managers rarely receive development in how to engage employees and inspire their team.

We are passionate about helping managers develop the behavioural skills and situational leadership styles to engage employees.

We create and facilitate leadership workshops that focus on increasing your self-awareness and understanding of your impact on others. Our workshops support managers to lead change, develop high levels of trust and enable teams and individuals to reach their full potential.

Bowline provide a space where people can show up fully, tune into what is going on, and discover new possibilities for themselves, their team and the wider organisation.
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