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When you’re competing for the best talent, it makes sense to design a brand that communicates directly with potential new recruits.
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The challenge

Software company Kallidus were going through rapid growth but felt they were failing to articulate their real purpose and values effectively enough. They came to us wanting to update core parts of their brand – from vision to values to identity – but were keen to do so authentically.

Shaping Futures careers site

First impressions count, we designed a new website which lifts the lid on Kallidus culture. We put employee-generated imagery and video testimonials at the heart of the user journey so visitors could picture themselves working in the business straight away.

Our solution

We sat with their leadership team and dug deep into why their current brand, vision, values and strategic goals were not fit for purpose. Once this was clear, we worked closely with the entire team to co-create a new approach – new purpose, new vision, new values.

The next step was to get the entire company’s feedback on what was being proposed. We ran a workshop with a cross-section of employees and sent a survey out to every employee. Based on the feedback, we created a new brand narrative including the purpose, vision and values.

Next, we looked at how the brand narrative should be expressed for prospective employees. We developed a new employee value proposition (EVP), ‘Shaping Futures’, which clearly articulated their culture and benefits. Next, we designed a fresh employer brand ensuring the new EVP was communicated across key channels and touch points. Finally, we integrated the new values into the recruitment process.

For this employer brand, we:

  • Provided communications materials for every step of the recruitment journey from recruitment ads to onboarding.
  • Refurbished the offices to display the new employer brand
  • Launched the new purpose, vision and values at an event for all employees
  • Created a series of videos with employees talking about Shaping Futures and life at Kallidus
  • Designed a brand new careers website


  • 85% employee engagement in 2020, up 5%
  • 100% of staff attended a brand workshop
"With Shaping Futures you’ve expressed who we really are"

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