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Maersk Drilling

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To get your customers’ attention, create content that zooms in on their real challenges and explains how you can solve them.
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The challenge

Maersk Drilling wanted us to produce a whole catalogue of their products to share with customers. We needed to showcase the skills, experience and benefits of the products and services available.

Our solution

We spent time with each product stakeholder to really understand what the key features and benefits were for the customer. We established the key messages and got under the skin of the challenges the customers face and how the products and services can help them.

We developed a series of branded templates to create consistent types of content together, all unified by a common approach and tone.

In addition to the product content, we also designed and developed animations to showcase different product packages. Everything was hosted on an online sales platform called Showpad, for which we also designed the visual experience.


28 different pieces of content.

Very well received by sales teams and subsequently customers, and helped embed a new focus on solving customers’ problems.

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