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Crafting brand values that reflect who you really are

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How do you build a more engaged work culture? Start by looking for shared values that come from within.
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The challenge

Mutual society National Friendly didn’t have a universally known and used set of organisational values and needed a better idea of what their employees really felt about the organisation.

After the pandemic and the implementation of new working methods, attention shifted to introducing the qualities of high-performing teams. The organisation aimed to further enhance its work culture and create an even more positive working environment.

Our solution

First we wanted to know exactly where things stood, so we conducted their first employee engagement survey to act as a benchmark. When we conduct the next survey, we’ll be able to see the impact of our work so far.

We then ran four values workshops that included the entire National Friendly team. We wanted everyone to have their say and ensure that the process was truly collaborative. After consolidating the findings, we proposed a new set of values, tested them in the business, revised and finalised them. Then we ran four ‘how we work’ workshops to define the behaviours that underpin the values. Now each value has a corresponding definition, a set of simple, practical but stimulating ‘indicators’ that show how to live the values at work.

Next, we created bespoke illustrations and a supporting graphic language to bring the values to life. To introduce stronger branding into the working environment and highlight the new values, we installed environmental graphics on the walls in the Bristol office alongside a magnificent timeline of the National Friendly history. The values were launched with a fun and engaging all-employee event, with some branded merch as give-aways. After the launch, using a toolkit we designed for team leaders, each team got together to discuss the values and what they meant for them. This was also a moment of reflection and recognition. The values and ‘how we work’ indicators are powerful tools for creating real behaviour change.

Finally, we designed and facilitated a three-day leadership development programme and a five-day management development programme. These programmes were designed to enhance the culture of their workplace, increase self-awareness, impact and promote the role modelling of the values.

This is the start of an evolving journey, and there is more to do. This will involve re-stating past messages, solving challenges and issues collectively whilst investing time and associated resources on the things that will really make a difference.



100% of employees took part in values development workshops

96% of the employees took part in the 2023 employee engagement survey

24 line managers attended management workshops

9 senior leaders attended leadership workshops

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