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Embedding a coaching culture


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How do you encourage your leaders to coach their teams rather than ‘manage’ them? Create a culture change.
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The challenge

Herefordshire County Council wanted to create a coaching culture across the organisation to maximise performance and increase team effectiveness. A culture which enabled individuals within teams to identify challenges, develop options and take greater responsibility for solutions and actions.

Bowline insights discovery session Bowline insights discovery with Tim Jeary
Bowline insights discovery session
Bowline insights discovery with Tim Jeary

Our solution

We designed and facilitated interactive workshops to increase knowledge around coaching theory and coaching skills best practice. The workshops enabled managers to utilise powerful questioning, active listening and the opportunity to be coach and coachee during practical coaching sessions.

Coaching practice was further developed through a series of coaching refresher webinars: half-day workshops with managers who had already been through the programme. Action learning groups were also facilitated where managers could share experiences, learning and provide peer support – effectively building a community of people inspired to coach their teams.


12 workshops delivered over 18 months to 120 managers

The programme has supported me to understand what coaching is and how to coach effectively. The trio group exercise to practice the skill of coaching in a safe environment was really beneficial.
- Participant Feedback

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