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Increasing team effectiveness and collaboration within the NHS


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We developed and facilitated workshops to increase self-awareness and impact on others.
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The challenge

After a period of significant organisational change, a relatively new leadership team were looking for ways to build greater trust, team cohesion and overall team effectiveness.

We developed and facilitated workshops to increase self-awareness and impact on others.  A space where they could engage in open conversation around real organisational challenges in a safe, solution focussed environment.

A series of practical and discussion based modules were facilitated over 2 days covering:

Situational leadership, self-awareness and impact.

Using individual Insights Discovery Profiles as the foundation for open conversation, each member of the team discovered and shared their personal leadership style, value they bring to the team, communication and decision making preferences. Through this period of self-disclosure, the team were able to recognise collective strengths and gaps, whilst developing an deeper insight into the team’s dynamics and behaviours.

High Performance Team

The team discussed and reviewed how well they were doing against the 8 factors for greater team effectiveness. An opportunity to review what they needed to stop, start, continue and do differently to become even more effective.

Building Trust

The team reflected on their emotional bank accounts, the deposits and withdrawals they make and with who greater investment was required.

Thriving through change

The team focused on effective ways to lead and manage others through change, examining how our behaviours change when under pressure or stress. The psychology of change, the transitions we experience and recognising when a colleague needs support.

Strategies for building personal resilience

The team discussed the 4 dimensions of self-renewal and committed to new ways to move toward a greater balance. In small groups the teams reviewed anti-resilient thinking patterns, practical ways to rewrite negative self-talk and created a more resourceful focus and ways to anchor positive states.

Bowline insights discovery
Bowline insights discovery


“I felt that the workshops provided me with great tools and ways to improve my self-awareness and ability to adapt and connect more effectively with others.”

“I found it fascinating and such an insight to how the team work! It was highly practical and I loved the fact that we came out having agreed practical action plans.”

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