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Realigning a brand to a refreshed company vision

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

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A new corporate strategy is in place but the story isn’t getting across to your audience or your people. The solution: a practical guideline that not only shows how to communicate the brand but explains the story behind it.
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The challenge

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions had a new strategy focusing on a changing world, but their brand and brand story needed a refresh. The existing guidelines lacked detail and useful templates, and as a result the brand was being applied inconsistently across multiple countries.

Our solution

The brand didn’t simply need some clearer rules, it also needed to be rethought and refreshed. Our first step was to look across the current landscape. What was working and not working, what did the marketing and communications communities need, and what insight into the business and customers could inspire us?

We reinvented the photographic style to tell an authentic story of a changing world, introducing a set of photographic principles and guidelines. Instead of simply using stock photography we commissioned a photo shoot to capture the business’s own people in action. This established a new editorial style as well as providing a starter set of photographic assets which will now be extended out to encompass customers and the external world.

We also proposed an updated secondary palette to give greater relevance and flexibility, particularly for digital communications. We evolved the brand graphic language by using existing assets in new ways and by adding new assets such as illustration style and motion assets. We established an iconography style and data graphics style. And we created templates for online, social, video and animation. All this came to life in a new set of brand guidelines.

At the same time we crafted a compelling new brand narrative – a story of the business’s purpose, its ambition and how it will achieve these in future. This new guideline provides clear and coherent direction on the key brand principles and how to communicate them.

We felt we could add something more. The business would benefit from a fresh set of brand values that reflected how the people of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions work. So we went a level deeper, consulted across 17 country teams, and developed five new values: Expertise, Partnership, Diversity, Responsibility and Agility.

“The brand book benefits 3000+ employees from 17 countries who now have a clear 'one brand' guide. We’ve had good feedback from all to say it’s very much aligned with BNP Paribas, we’re now fully integrated, not a side show any more.”

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