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A workforce that feels motivated produces consistently better results. But motivating people isn’t as easy as it sound. We helped a major global organisation give its corporate team a fresh start.
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The challenge

Two global teams were being merged into a single corporate team (about 3,000 people), after a period when everyone involved had been through a lot of change, not only with the pandemic but also through a restructure. Now the new function needed to be launched as a single team both for their internal and external customers.

We were asked to launch this new function as a fresh start, to make people feel excited and remotivated.

Shell corporate relations yammer
Shell corporate relations

Our solution

We created a fresh identity which reflected the ambition to be one team with one plan, to be globally connected and to celebrate the people that were part of the new Corporate Relations function. We called it ‘Connected Corporate Relations’.

We supported them by articulating their vision and a new employee value proposition. That consisted of four key attributes: care, impact, respect and growth.

We supported them with the launch of the new function with a global webcast, onboarding materials for all staff, and new channels, including the launch of an internal social network on Yammer.


You captured our shared vision and culture perfectly. The launch was a huge success and we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about the content.

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