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Embedding the ‘No Defects’ culture at Shell


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How do you get a diverse global business to adopt a new daily goal? Break it down into something memorable and easy to put into practice.
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The challenge

Shell wanted to raise the profile of quality across the business by establishing a common global goal of ‘No Defects’, designed to eliminate quality issues. This would be measured in the same way across all projects to give a consistent benchmark.

Our challenge was to find a way to embed this in global teams with different cultures and sub-contractors who may have their own way of working.

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Shell No Defects Laptop
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Our solution

We decided it was crucial to define No Defects in a simple, memorable and actionable way.

We developed three core principles by gathering together a cross-section of people from the quality and projects communities in a discovery meeting. The stakeholders were involved and consulted throughout the process.

We then created four workshops – an introduction to No Defects and a session on each of the three principles. We deliberately built in flexibility so teams could do the sessions at a time and a pace that was best for them, as some areas needed to do some preparation and complete other priorities first.

We trained a global team of No Defects Champions to deliver the workshops at their regional projects and gave them a toolkit of resources. After the sessions, the attendees can deepen their understanding by visiting a SharePoint site full of resources.

We also proposed a global clock which shows how many consecutive days of No Defects there have been.


A 27% decrease in defects and a 28% increase in observations

Number of No Defects Champions: 192

Number of people attending workshops so far: 687

Some No Defects Champions who have moved on to other roles have chosen to keep volunteering as champions, showing how inspired they have been by the No Defects programme

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