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Taking care of 3stepIT’s employer brand


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A memorable way to sum up your culture is a powerful tool for recruiting the best.
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The challenge

3stepIT weren’t communicating anything about life at 3stepIT to potential recruits, yet there were plenty of interesting and appealing stories to tell about the culture, the benefits, the values, the people and what it’s like to work there.

What was missing was an employee value proposition – a way of encapsulating the culture and benefits of working at 3stepIT. They needed a single overarching global EVP that could then be localised across different markets.

3stepit screenshot 3stepit mobile website
3stepit screenshot
3stepit mobile website

Our solution

We came up with a new proposition, ‘We take care’, and a consistent framework for talking about what made the organisation special. The proposition not only captured the importance 3stepIT place on looking after their people, but also their core task of looking after their clients’ technology in as environmentally friendly a way as possible.

We also emphasised the point that it’s not just about caring, but about taking care – putting your beliefs into action.

All this proved a compelling proposition to talented and idealistic young people.

The EVP’s look and feel was on brand, but it pushed the brand further than it had previously gone. We elevated the brand colours to drive a more vibrant and playful look and feel that spoke volumes about an exciting work culture. The concept depicted real 3steppers stepping inside 3stepIT – a celebration of the real people inside the business.

We also developed:

  • A Global EVP toolkit to be used by HR managers in 8 different markets
  • A new global careers website
  • Key recruitment templates to support the recruitment journey.

New global careers website

The new website explains what ‘we take care’ means – both in the work they do and the way they treat their people.

3stepit website

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